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Our objects are made mainly in resin and marble dust. Many of the characters have authentic clothes, each of them decorated and painted by hand. Some of them are equipped with an electric motor that gives them movement in order to create a realistic scene. In addition to the characters, the Pigini nativity scenes also have a multitude of accessories, such as tools, plants, animals, fruit baskets, resin environments and technical items. The Pigini family has been successfully producing handcrafted nativity scenes for more than twenty years which is a guarantee for their clients who come to purchase a Pigini nativity scene, a product that lasts forever and acquires value over time.

All our products comply with current regulations and are certified with the CE mark.

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Lo staff presepi pigini
Renzo Romagnoli scultore presepi pigini

Marco who has the fundamental collaboration of Renzo Romagnoli, friend and well-known sculptor, has also involved his father Franco in the business as the maker of the moulds. Franco is responsible for the moulding department where he works works together with his assistant, Tesfu. Marco’s wife Lorella is in charge of hand painting the various objects while his sister, Rosalba sews the clothes for the miniatures and his son Matteo, is responsible for customer / supplier relationships, warehouse management and logistics.
Marco is responsible for the design of the statues, their movements and everything that his imagination allows him to envisage and create and he also assembles the characters. Renzo is the artist who gives life to Marco’s ideas and he creates every figurine, statue, animal, fountain, well, and many other items that you will find in our catalogue.
A close-knit family and team at your service!

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