Innovation through tradition

The Pigini family has been successfully producing handcrafted nativity scenes for more than twenty years.

Attention to detail

The Pigini family has been successfully producing handcrafted nativity scenes for more than twenty years which is a guarantee for their clients who come to purchase a Pigini nativity scene, a product that lasts forever and acquires value over time.

Our Products

The objects are made mainly of resin and marble dust and many of the characters have authentic clothes, each of them decorated and painted by hand. Some of them are equipped with an electric motor that gives them movement in order to create a realistic scene.

In addition to the characters, the Pigini nativity scenes also have a multitude of accessories, such as tools, plants, animals, fruit baskets, resin environments and technical items.

Figurines and Statues

Objects of the highest quality, created and painted entirely by hand.

The three lines, which differ in size and characteristics, are united by the great care taken at every stage of production, from the design to the packaging process.
Innovative poses, soft colours, silent and harmonious mechanisms and meticulous details make our figurines and statues particularly appreciated and sought after by passionate creators of nativity scenes and collectors.



Each Made of resin and painted by hand, they perfectly complement our figurines and statues.

The larger objects are produced in our laboratory, while the smaller ones are imported from all over the world, selected from the best manufacturers in order to meet up to the highest standard, quality and attention to detail that characterize our creations. All the birds are covered with real feathers and are also imported. Colourful and very realistic, they will enrich your displays.



In every display, even the smallest, it is the details that make the difference.

Our wide range of accessories and utensils will complete your nativity scene, making it charming and magical. Made by us and by skilled craftsmen, using wood, metal, string, terracotta and wax, or imported from all over the world, they have the charm of ancient and rediscovered things, accentuated by the amazement that the dimensions, sometimes improbably reduced, are so moving. Scenes of past and everyday life will relive in your displays thanks to our miniatures.


Plants and greenery

In order to look more realistic we have created these plants, some with resin or plastic details, others completely natural.

All very accurate and set the scene, they will make your nativity scene look rich and very realistic thanks also to the ornamental greenery that we offer, composed of vegetables selected for you and imported from the countries of origin.

Articoli di piante e verde


Specific items for a realistic setting.

To build a rich and well-finished scene, you need adequate details that allow you to recreate a miniature environment similar to reality. We offer you a wide range of high quality resin and wood products.


Technical items

With our wide range of technical items you can enrich your nativity scene with special effects.

Alternating night and day, ideal lighting, a bright starry sky, projections of angels and comets, thunderstorms, lightning and much more will make your nativity scene fascinating and unforgettable.


Water items

With real water the nativity scene comes to life.

The sound of flowing water is always very popular with nativity scene creators and visitors. Rivers, waterfalls, ponds and fountains make the landscape more realistic and add an extra touch of charm to the nativity scene.


Enthusiasm and family tradition.

Marco Pigini, owner of ‘Pigini Nativity Scenes’ decided to leave his job in order to fulfill his dream he had been cultivating since childhood: to become a creator of nativity scenes.

And so, the family business, ‘Presepi Pigini’ was born from a teenager’s passion and soon established itself as a leader in its sector. Motivated by enthusiasm and fueled by family tradition, ‘Presepi Pigini’ is in constant expansion.

"Every Christmas, when I was a child, my father set up our crib in a corner of the kitchen but it pained me to have to take everything down after Epiphany ... So at thirteen I set up my first large stable crib in my garage ... at sixteen I dug for days until I had created a kind of cave which I transformed into a huge nativity scene"

Lorella Franco Pigini Lavori in stoffa e tessuti
Statue dipinte a mano Progettazione

Presepi Pigini intends to offer over time an increasingly vast and complete range of high quality items. Each of our products combines tradition, creativity and innovation to offer those who love the nativity scene an article that fully satisfies every expectation. High craftsmanship, passion, seriousness and assistance in every situation, will be our business card to customers.

Step by step, from the liquid resin to the finished product, our skills and our experience are at the service of customers.

However, it is not with words that we would like to convince you, but through the quality of our articles.

Statues, animals, plants, accessories and settings, Presepi Pigini, will transform your nativity scene into a unique and precious display.


In addition to the products in the catalogue, Presepi Pigini also creates customized items for its customers, in collaboration with the most established artists in the sector.
Figurines and statues with particular movements and suggestive in settings, even for non-Christmas subjects, can be created if the request is received well in advance, since the entirely handcrafted work and the meticulous attention to detail require quite long production time.

How to place an order

You can place orders for our products via our website. Register your account, choose the products and if you manage a shop or business, enter your billing information and access our discount programs.

Where are we?

The Presepi Pigini company is based in the Marche region, in Camerano, in the province of Ancona.

Contact us

For more information on our products or for custom requests.

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